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We are a small breeder located on a farm in Gobles, one of the most scenic areas in southwestern Michigan. Our home is in an area, known for its rich farmlands, vineyards and close proximity to many diverse landscapes, lakes and rivers.

Our interest in dog breeding began with a love of the Standard Poodle, well known for their great dispositions and intellegence. A number of our extended family members are allergic to dogs and so the search was on for the right mix of allergy-friendliness and wonderful personality. Enter the Labradoodle! The Labradoodle possesses the strengths of both the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle: an intelligent, personable and allergy-friendly dog. Triple J Kennel is committed to excellence and to the welfare and improvement of the Labradoodle breed. It is our ongoing pursuit to broaden the gene pool, and contribute to the qualities that they are so loved for. Our puppies live with us where they receive undivided love and attention.

Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home for the first three weeks of life. Round the clock care is given to both mother and puppies. With three children in our home, the puppies receive constant socialization, attention and love as you would hope for your newest family member. This start in their lives is the best guarantee for wonderful temperaments. Proper socialization is extremely important and a lot of personal attention is given to each puppy.

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The Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. In the late 1970's the Guide Dog Association of Australia set out to produce a non-shedding dog suitable for service training. Mr. Wally Cochran was the driving force behind this program, and the goal was to produce a non-shedding guide dog by using a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle. The result of this cross produced intelligent, easily trainable puppies that were the beginning of the Labradoodle as we now know it. Crossing these two breeds also gave the Labradoodle a hybrid vigor and a variety of coat types: The Wooly Coat: Somewhat poodle like which requires regular grooming is non-shedding and allergy and asthma friendly. The Fleece Coat: The ultimate coat that is easily maintained, non-shedding, allergy and asthma friendly and somewhat like that of an Angora Goat. The Hair Coat: Anything from flat and straight to curls down the back and possibly wavy and minimal shedding, that is less likely to be allergy and asthma friendly. The Labradoodle is a people dog. They love the companionship of their owners. They make great service dogs for people with disabilities, visual impairments, young children and the elderly. They are super trainable and get along with other dogs well. The Labradoodles are incredibley loyal to their family and that makes for a great watchdog. They adapt well to different situations. They are content to run along side you jogging or join you for a hammock session in the backyard. Labradoodles have a very low shedding factor because of the cross with the poodle. Poodles have a wool coat and do not have much dander and has the lowest shedding factor of any breed of dog. The first generation Labradoodle is low in shedding. The second generation crossback to the Standard Poodle is even lower in the shedding factor. The Labradoodle is known for its outstanding intelligence and trainability, low allergy and low to non-shedding coat. They have a lack of the usual doggie odor. They are slightly heavier than the Standard Poodle. They are an overall balanced dog; they are not square in body but slightly longer. They come in three sizes: Standard, Medium, and Minature. There are curly or wavy coats and they come in several different colors. Black, choclate, apricot, cream and silver is just to name a few. The Labradoodle's head is broad and their eyes are large, slightly round and set apart. Their nose is square and large. The tail is like a saber and should be low. Overall, the Labradoodle is a fun loving, quiet, calm yet comical, loving companion for families as well as a fantastic service animal, being easily trainable, loyal and intelligent.Labradoodles

We are currently breeding F1 and F1B labradoodle puppies. F1-First generation (Poodle x Labrador) F1B-First generation backcross (Poodle x Labradoodle) F2-Second generation (Labradoodle x Labradoodle) We currently have a F1 litter of black and gold puppies with a few available for purchase. This litter was born in June and will be ready for delivery in August. We plan to have a F1B generation litter of puppies December 2005 or January 2006. These puppies will be black and gold and are selling for $800 each. If you wish to be informed of any future F1/F1B or Standard Poodle litter please contact MaryLabradoodles.

Grooming is very important for the health and beauty of your dog. Your Puppy needs to be brushed on a weekly or biweekly basis. I prefer the slicker wire brush because it reaches through the full coat. Please make sure that you can comb through the hair after brushing. Be sure to brush under the arms and behind the ears. Brush from the base of the tail to the head. It is best to go against the growth of the hair except on the ears. Make sure that the ears are brushed from base of ear near the head to end of ear. Be sure to clean the ears out weekly. You can purchase ear powder from any pet supply. Put the powder in the ears and pull the hair out of the ears. You can use hemostats or use your fingers to pull the hair. It will not hurt the dog unless it has an ear infection. You can use alcohol or vinegar mixed with water to clean once a week. Do not use peroxide. Peroxide does not evaporate from the ears and can cause problems instead of preventing them. The ear canal of the dog is not like a human. If you use hemostats do not worry about going too deep. The ear canal goes in and then down and then in again. Be sure to clip the nails on a regular basis. The longer they get the harder it is to clip them. It is best to take the tips off on a monthly basis. The quick will not grow as far if done regularly. If you clip the nail to far it will bleed. There is no need to get upset. I have never heard of a dog bleed to death from a nail to short! If your puppy gets plenty of outdoor exercise the nails may not be a problem anyway because they tend to wear down. First generation Labradoodles do not need to be professionally groomed, but if you want to keep them trimmed up, start as a puppy. Once your puppy gets used to their groomer he or she will love to go for a hair cut. The Labradoodle should not have to be groomed near as often as the Standard Poodle.Labradoodles

A $ 200.00 non-refundable deposit and returned signed contract is required to reserve a male or female puppy. Deposits on Labradoodles do not guarantee color or sex. Please make all checks payable to Mary M. Jager. Any checks not payable to Mary M. Jager are returned and the puppy is not reserved. In addition, please send the signed contract along with your check to Mary. F1-First generation (Poodle x Labrador): Male $900.00 Female $1,000.00 F1B-First generation backcross (Poodle x Labradoodle): Male $1,200.00 Female $1,200.00 Standard Poodle: Male $900.00 Female $900.00 Puppies are to be paid in full by 4 weeks of age, no exceptions. All puppies not paid in full will be sold to the first person on our waiting list. The puppies are fed a dry puppy food moistened with hot water. They eat three times a day with fresh water offered daily. Keeping the puppies on a regular feeding schedule will greatly ease housebreaking. The puppies will received their first combination vaccine at 6 weeks of age. In addition, they are also wormed at 6 weeks of age. If a puppy must be flown out of state, a Health and State Certificate will be issued by a Veterinarian. Buyer pays for shipping crate ($50.00), health certificates and transportation cost. Puppies will not be flown before 8 weeks of age. We will drive puppy to the nearest major aiport (Detroit-Metro or Chicago-Ohare) to avoid any lengthy layovers. Direct flights Only. In addition, our puppies are never given drugs for a flight. References from previous litters available on request.Labradoodles

Breeder Mary M. Jager Telephone 269-628-4761 E-mail Address Triple J Kennel of Michigan 30942 County Road 390 Gobles, MI 49055-9261 Labradoodles

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